Home security monitoring with Everspring HSM02 – Door/Window contact detector

The security set-up and monitoring of my house is an important target. This should include various devices like motion detector, door/window contact detector, video monitoring, smoke detector, etc. Let’s start with a very modest configuration of the Fibaro HC2 and we will improve it by adding some other functionality!

My first goal is to monitor the opening of the main entrance door and get a notification by email whenever the door is opened. Activate/Deactivate the device through a Fibaro script.

I have selected the door/window contact detector HSM02 from Everspring which is a Z-Wave enabled device and compatible with the Fibaro HC2.

Everspring HSM02 – Door/window contact detector

The main reasons I selected this device are:

–          Very small size (31x70x11.5 mm) and less than 25 g.

–          Easy install – just put the battery (CR2450 flat watch kind of battery) and fix it on your door. Even screws are not required!

–          But most important is the auto report of the open/close status and the battery status. This is the key capability that will be used by my HC2.

–          Price: around 50 euros at Domadoo online store.

For more information, you can check the HSM02 product sheet and the HSM02 user manual for the detailed installation & configuration.

Another contact detector device from Fibaro is also available. I will make some test as soon as I buy one of them ! More details can be found here.

The inclusion process with the HC2 is straight forward:

(i)                  Activate the HSM02 by inserting the battery (there is no On/Off button)

(ii)                Start the HC2 inclusion mode

HC2 – Inclusion process

(iii)               Once the device is well recognized then finish the set-up by defining the location of the device in the house and in the advanced tab the notification details. Please note the icon device displayed after the inclusion is not correct and the HC2 thinks it is a motion detector. Even with this small issue, the device works fine.

HC2 – General tab information for HSM02

Notification set-up

Whenever the device detects some breach, i.e. door is opened or closed, an automated notification with the appropriate message can be issued. The HC2 manages SMS, push and email. I did not test the SMS functionality since you need to buy some SMS credits in order to send the notification. Currently with version 1.046, it looks like the system is configured with polish telecom providers and you need to send SMS through Poland even if you are based in France – which is not acceptable.

HSM02 – Notification set-up

Email & push (to iPad) notifications works fine but some improvement especially on the email side is still required:

(a)    There is not yet a local set-up for email smtp account in the HC2. This means your email notification is generated/sent by central Fibaro mail server. What about security & confidentiality?


(b)   It would be nice to have some parameters and change the generic email template like “From” and “Subject” of the mail – otherwise it would be very limited – see the next screenshot of an email generated by Fibaro when the door is open.

HC2 – Generic email notification

And now here is the script to arm the device – very simple at this stage (we will make it trickier later on).

HSM02 – Script to arm the device

Make sure to unselect the box “scene active” because we want to run this script manually only.

What about battery life time?

The HSM02 is delivered with a CR2450 flat watch kind of battery. The product sheets indicates that during “normal conditions” which are 14 times device triggers/day (1 trigger = 1 opening or 1 closing), the battery can last up to 3 years ! This means that if you open and close your door up to 7 times/day then you are in the normal conditions. In my case, the average is about 5 open and close per day and may be a little more during the week-ends. After 2 months of activity, the battery status displayed in the HC2 is already in red and some time goes back to green! It does not look very stable and I expect some bug at the HC2 level.

HSM02 – Battery status displayed red after 2 months only !

In conclusion:

Our initial goal to monitor the entrance door is achieved. An email notification is sent whenever a breach is detected. One of the next post will include an improvement of the door monitoring with a synchronization with a camera that takes a picture and send the file by email if there is a breach. So keep reading !


2 thoughts on “Home security monitoring with Everspring HSM02 – Door/Window contact detector

  1. I am having trouble with this device. I add it to my z wave network and after it is added it doesnt show any changing when i open/close the door.

    can you let me know how you configured yours?

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