My HC2 is live !

Good – once you have received the precious box, the set-up is straight forward and I will not spend time on the hardware part of the HC2 and any way a lot of websites can give you this kind of presentation. I am more interested to share with you some more “real life” issue or advantage in managing the HC2.

To start with, I work on a mac based environment and my media center is a mac mini. Once the HC2 is connected to the network, my first challenge was to find his IP address ! There is a PC windows tool that can help finding the IP address but nothing with Mac OSX. It would be great if Figaro could provide a similar tool for Mac users.

After a few guess on the bar address of Firefox starting from 192.168.1.XX, I had access to the HC2 login page ūüôā

HC2 – Login page

You will notice that the login page is in French as I changed the system preference of the HC2 – a full system reboot is required to take the language change in effect. An other interesting point is the number of available flags or system language if you perform the system upgrade to the version 1.036. I have tested English and French so far !



5 thoughts on “My HC2 is live !

  1. Thanks for the HC2 finder application for Mac OSX.

    Just keep visiting the site, you should see some nice posts related to some devices I am testing (motion detector, IP camera, …).

    Are you using the HC2 too?



  2. No, not yet.
    I’m looking for some more real life examples from other users before I buy.
    Hope to read some more soon.


  3. Bonjour et merci pour l’information de la systeme Fibaro!

    (My french is not that good anymore so I switch to English.). I’m following your blog about the Fibaro HC2 since I’m building a new house for the moment. It will be ready in mars 2013 so I think I’ll invest in the system in the beginning of next year. Still learning and I’ll be happy to read more…

    Christian – Sweden

    • Merci !

      Thanks for your feedback – I am also more or less in the same situation as you are: I will be moving to my new house in December with much more to experimente!

      I just purchased a Karotz and it is really interesting – I plan to have it integrated with my HC2. I will post the results…

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