Fibaro HC2 compatible/supported device list

There is no official communication (yet) from Fibaro related to a list of supported devices by the HC2.

The forum section of this blog is dedicated to identify & share some knowledge of “proven” supported devices by the HC2.

In order to have a complete or the most exhaustive list, the contribution of the user community is required!

Therefore, your input and experience in the forum will be highly appreciated.

For more information, you can access the forum at this link.

Interior design/modelling with Home Center 2

Let’s start the set-up of our HC2. The configuration of my house is straight forward and I have decided to define 3 main zones (or area or section):
(i) Maison (the house)
(ii) Jardin (the garden)
(iii) Garage (no translation needed !)
And within each zone, we can have a set of rooms. Please note that there is no concept of sub-zone within a predefined zone within the current version of HC2.

For the time being, I have started the design of the first zone called “Maison” where we have 6 rooms or areas: Salon, Chambre parentale, Salle de bain, Cuisine, Couloir and Chambre invite. Each room must be linked with one zone which is “Maison” in our case.

HC2 – Zone creation

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My HC2 is live !

Good – once you have received the precious box, the set-up is straight forward and I will not spend time on the hardware part of the HC2 and any way a lot of websites can give you this kind of presentation. I am more interested to share with you some more “real life” issue or advantage in managing the HC2.

To start with, I work on a mac based environment and my media center is a mac mini. Once the HC2 is connected to the network, my first challenge was to find his IP address ! There is a PC windows tool that can help finding the IP address but nothing with Mac OSX. It would be great if Figaro could provide a similar tool for Mac users.

After a few guess on the bar address of Firefox starting from 192.168.1.XX, I had access to the HC2 login page :-)