Welcome to Dominium !

So, here we are at the beginning of a new day (if I look at my watch, I should say a new night !). This very first post in my blog is dedicated to the automation of my house. Dominium relates to control and ownership – you can check this link for the latin origin of this word 😉

The overall activity will be focused on the usage of Fibaro’s domotic box “Home Center 2″ which is based on z-wave technology.

Enjoy reading this blog and feel free to add any comment !

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Dominium !

  1. hi, noticed your last post was in August so you’ve been using it a couple of months now, can you tell me if its the best thing since slice bread or have you had any problems on the way

    • Hello, Thanks for visiting my blog 😉
      To be honest I am so busy with the construction of my new house that I have postponed any publication on the blog. My objective is to seriously deploy the HC2 in January 2013 and make usage of the scripting facilities to build some nice scenarios !

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