HC2 Compatible device list – v1.044

HC2 Compatible device list for v1.044 – As of Feb 2013.

Please note, I have not (yet) tested all devices !

Devices are classified into categories (Binary sensor, Dimmer, Switch, Door bell, IP camera, Motion sensor, Multiple, sensor, roller shutter, water sensor, etc) and then by company (Aeon, Danfoss, Everspring, Fibaro, etc). The table columns has a sorting and filtering capabilities too.

Whenever relevant, the user feedback and documentation columns provide some additional information.

Your input and update are most welcome !

HC2 Compatibe device list - v1.044

Ref.CategoryCompanyDescriptionUser feedbackDocumentation
1Door/Window sensorAeonAeon Labs Door/Window Sensor
2Multiple sensorAeonAeon Labs DSB05xxx-ZWUS Z-Wave Multi Sensor
3ThermostatDanfossDanfoss Living Connect Thermostat
4ThermostatDanfossDanfoss Living Connect Thermostat V2.0
5ThermostatDanfossDanfoss Living Connect Thermostat V2.5
6Multiple sensorEverspringST814 Temperature / Humidity Detector Everspring
7Luminance sensorEverspringST815 Illumination Detector Everspring
8Water sensorEverspringST812 Flood Detector Everspring
9Motion sensorEverspringSP103 PIR Detector Everspring
10Door/Window sensorEverspringSM103 Door/Window Detector Everspring
11Wall switchEverspringAN157 ON/Off Plug Everspring
12AlarmEverspringSE812 Indoor Siren Everspring
13Smoke sensorEverspringSF812-1 Smoke Sensor Everspring
14DimmerEverspringAD142 Dimmer Plug Everspring
15Door bellEverspringTSE03 Door Bell Everspring
16Wall switchEverspringHAN01-1 Everspring
17Wall switchEverspringHAN02-1 Everspring
18Motion sensorEverspringSP814 Motion detector Everspring
19Lamp holderEverspringAN145 Screw-in on/off module
20Door/Window sensorEverspringHSM02-1-1V1 Mini Door/Window Sensor
21Motion sensorEverspringHSP02 -1-1V1 Motion Sensor Everest
22Multiple sensorExpress ControlsEZMotion 3 in 1Test in progress
23DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.4 DIMMER
24DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.3 DIMMER
25DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.2 DIMMER
26DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.1 DIMMER
27Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.0 Roller Shutter
28Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.4 Roller Shutter
29Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.1 Roller Shutter
30Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.3 Roller Shutter
31Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.2 Roller Shutter
32SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.3 Switch ON OFF 3kW
33SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.4 Switch ON OFF 3kW
34SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.2 Switch ON OFF 3kW
35SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.0 Switch ON OFF 3kW
36SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.1 Switch ON OFF 3kW
37SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.4 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
38SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.2 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
39SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.3 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
40SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.1 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
41SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.0 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
42DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.0 DIMMER
43Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.0s Roller Shutter
44DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.5 DIMMER
45Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.5 Roller Shutter
46SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.5 Switch ON OFF 3kW
47SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.5 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
48DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.6 DIMMER
49SwitchFibaroFGR221 V1.6 Roller Shutter
50SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.6 Switch ON OFF 3kW
51SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.6 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
52DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.8 DIMMER
53DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.7 DIMMER
54Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.7 Roller Shutter
55SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.7 Switch ON OFF 3kW
56SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.7 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
57Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor
58DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.10 DIMMER 60Hz
59Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor V 1.9
60SwitchFibaroFGS221 V1.9 Switch ON OFF 2x1,5kW
61SwitchFibaroFGS211 V1.9 Switch ON OFF 3kW
62Roller shutterFibaroFGR221 V1.9 Roller Shutter
63DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.9 DIMMER
64Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor V 2.1 EU
65Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor V 2.1 RU
66Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor V 2.1 ANZ
67Binary sensorFibaroFGBS321 Universal Binary Sensor V 2.1 US
68DimmerFibaroFGD211 V1.11 DIMMER ANZ/BR
69Water sensorFortrezzFortrezz WWA-02
70ThermostatHorstmannHorstmann HRT4-ZW
71ThermostatHorstmannHorstmann HRT4 ASR-ZW
72ThermostatHorstmannHortsmann AS2-RF
73SwitchQEESRETO Plug-in Switch - Plus QEES
74SwitchQEESRETO Shell Switch - Plus
75SwitchSchneider Electric507502 Switch Merten/Schneider Electric
76SwitchSchneider ElectricMEG5016-0002 Merten/Schneider Electric
77SwitchSchneider Electric507219 Merten/Schneider Electric
78AlarmWintopWintop iAlarm 1184R-FR
79IP CameraFoscamFI8910W100% compatibe


One thought on “HC2 Compatible device list – v1.044

  1. You mentioned HSP02 -1-1V1 being compatible with the Fibaro HC2. To my knowledge this PIR is NOT compatible. I bought three ones (after checking your list) but so far haven’t been able to get it to work.
    I searched the Internet but haven’t found anyone successfully adding the HSP02 -1-1V1 to the Fibare HC2. If you know more, than please let me know; and I love to share your feedback with four other people having the same poor experience with the HSP02 -1-1V1.

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