HC2 Compatible device list – v1.044

HC2 Compatible device list for v1.044 – As of Feb 2013.

Please note, I have not (yet) tested all devices !

Devices are classified into categories (Binary sensor, Dimmer, Switch, Door bell, IP camera, Motion sensor, Multiple, sensor, roller shutter, water sensor, etc) and then by company (Aeon, Danfoss, Everspring, Fibaro, etc). The table columns has a sorting and filtering capabilities too.

Whenever relevant, the user feedback and documentation columns provide some additional information.

Your input and update are most welcome !

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Improving home security with video monitoring – Foscam FI8910W & Fibaro HC2

Let’s improve the home security with monitoring the main entrance door: whenever the door is open then 2 pictures, with 5 sec interval, are sent to a given address. We will use a Foscam FI8910W and the Fibaro HC2.

The detailed workflow of the script would be:

(i)                  The HSM02 door contact detector is armed

(ii)                The HSM02 detects a breach at time T0.

(iii)               The video camera takes a picture at T0 and send the file by email

(iv)              The video camera takes a second picture at T0 + 5 sec and send the file by email

The HC2 manages well IP video camera as a special device: IP camera is not like the other z-wave based device since there is no z-wave technology embedded in the IP camera! Therefore the inclusion process of an IP camera is different: you only need the IP address and login/password of the camera.

I selected the FI8910W IP camera from Foscam because of the following:

Foscam FI8910W

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