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Biographical info? Have a look in Google or Linkedin ! I look for simplicty because it has a higher probability to work. Dominium should demonstrate this statement.

Where to buy your Fibaro Home Center 2?

There is always a start ! The initial Fibaro’s home page provides some list of official distributors. I made a quick comparaison in term of pricing and there are some small variation of +/- 10% on the HC2 box price with sometime a promotional offer including an IP camera free of cost.

  • Denmark: 540 euros including delivery accross all Europe
  • France: 539 euros after a special discount including delivery to some places
  • Portugal: 590 euros delivery cost to be checked
  • Switzerland: 583 euros delivery cost to be checked
  • Netherlands: 550 euros including a free IP camera. Delivery cost to be checked

I live in France, this is why I decided to buy my HC2 from Domadoo online store for the following reasons:

  • Shop is located in France – better support for me
  • And more interesting, their sales support is excellent: they made a special quotation for me including some modules in addition to the HC2 with a special 10% discount
  • Free delivery within 48 hours

I recommend you to contact the Domadoo store and ask for a special quotation. You may get some interesting discount 🙂



Welcome to Dominium !

So, here we are at the beginning of a new day (if I look at my watch, I should say a new night !). This very first post in my blog is dedicated to the automation of my house. Dominium relates to control and ownership – you can check this link for the latin origin of this word 😉

The overall activity will be focused on the usage of Fibaro’s domotic box “Home Center 2” which is based on z-wave technology.

Enjoy reading this blog and feel free to add any comment !